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Google Analytics 4 Migration Services

wafimediaFeb 28, 2023 Wafian

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, which provides advanced tracking and analysis capabilities for websites and mobile apps. If you have an existing Google Analytics account, you may want to migrate to Google Analytics 4 to take advantage of its new features and capabilities.

Here are some steps to consider when migrating to Google Analytics 4 :


1. Create a new Google Analytics 4 property: You can create a new Google Analytics 4 property in addition to your existing Universal Analytics property. This will allow you to continue using your Universal Analytics property while you test and implement the new Google Analytics 4 property.

2. Install the Google Analytics 4 tracking code: You will need to install the new Google Analytics 4 tracking code on your website or mobile app. This code is different from the Universal Analytics tracking code, so make sure to use the correct code.

3. Set up data streams: You will need to set up data streams for your website and mobile app to send data to your Google Analytics 4 property. This can be done using the Google Tag Manager or by adding code to your website or app.

4. Review and update your data collection settings: Google Analytics 4 has different data collection settings than Universal Analytics. Make sure to review and update your settings to ensure that you are collecting the data you need.

5. Create custom events and parameters: Google Analytics 4 allows you to create custom events and parameters to track specific actions and behaviours on your website or mobile app. You may want to set up these custom events and parameters to get more granular insights into your data.

6. Test and validate your implementation: Before you fully switch to Google Analytics 4, make sure to test and validate your implementation. You can use the Google Analytics 4 Debug View feature to check that data is being sent correctly.


Overall, migrating to Google Analytics 4 requires careful planning and implementation. It is recommended that you work with a certified Google Analytics partner or hire us a Google Analytics consultant to ensure a successful migration.