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Website Redesign Services By WafiMedia


Every company has its own identity, so our website designers redesign the website in a way that it sets apart from your competitors. PageTraffic has a team of experienced web designers that work together to create a unique website by keeping in mind the target industry, audience, and market. If you are running a business, startup, or enterprise, we have a number of options when it comes to website redesign services that will fulfill your business requirements and needs.


What Would You Get?


All our website redesign services in India focus on one thing to give the website a new appearance and feel when a user visits the website. So, how do we work? We do a website analysis, competitor analysis, and understand your products and services your business offers and after that our website designers design the website with new elements, and custom theme so that it matches your business requirements. So, when you partner with PageTraffic, the leading website redesign agency, here’s what you will get:


Customized Design

Every business offers different products and services, so a website design cannot be the same as other websites. So, we offer customized design options in website redesign services so that the website appearance can be as per your business goals and requirements.


Responsive Website

We design the website with the latest HTML, JavaScript , and CSS frameworks so that the website can be responsive and works fine on all the types of devices.


Affordable Website Redesign Services

At WafiMedia, we offer affordable redesign services for different businesses, startups and enterprises in India so that it suits your requirements and fits into the bill.


Latest Technologies

Our website designers use the latest technologies to create a website that is unique, drives attention, and increases more conversions.



At WafiMedia, we follow the step by step approach in providing the website redesign services.


Strategy and Planning

When it comes to web designing, WafiMedia has a well defined strategy and planning process in web redesign services. We have a team of expert web designers that use a data driven approach to deliver the results as per client requirements and needs.


Wireframe and Design Creation

Wireframing and Design creation is an important part of the website redesign process. It helps our website designers to create a blueprint of the website and determine how it appears and functions on different types of devices.


Development and Integration

Once the wireframe is approved, our website design team moves on to the design, development, and integration stage. This is where we work on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website. We also make sure that the website functions work properly and integrates with your existing systems.


Testing and Launch

After creating the website, we test the website so that it works perfectly on all the different types of devices and meets all your requirements. If any changes are needed our website designers will work on before launching the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website redesign is the process of making significant changes and improvements to an existing website's design, functionality, and content to enhance its performance, user experience, and overall effectiveness.
There are several reasons to consider a website redesign, including outdated design, poor user experience, slow loading times, low search engine rankings, changing business goals, or a desire to stay competitive in your industry.
A website redesign can lead to improved user experience, increased traffic, higher conversion rates, better search engine rankings, and a more modern and appealing design that aligns with your brand's identity.
A website redesign can affect your SEO if not done correctly. To minimize negative impacts, it's crucial to work with professionals who can properly handle SEO elements during the redesign.
Yes, you can keep existing content, but it's also an opportunity to update, revise, and improve your content to better align with your new website goals.
The timeframe for a website redesign project can vary depending on its complexity and the size of your website. Simple redesigns may take a few weeks, while larger projects may take several months.
A website refresh typically involves minor changes to the existing design and content, while a full redesign is a more extensive overhaul that can include changes to layout, functionality, and content.