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Consumers are changing. Are you ready?


Consumers have changed, and continue to evolve. They want more, and they want it quick. They’re creating multiple new signals every minute. Our consumer intelligence platform ingests billions of consumer signals to form a real-time picture. A comprehensive picture of consumers. Speeding up the time it takes for the brands to find changes and adapt. Giving them precious time back to fine tune their communication strategies and make smarter business decisions.

Social Intelligence- A core component of your success
A break from old-fashioned social listening platform.
  • It’s not all about text-based conversations - get access to a new generation of consumer insights thanks to our image, video, and speech recognition technology in case needed.
  • Monitor over 100 million posts each day for critical brand mentions.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your brand with our smart alerts for any unusual activity.



Get ready to respond to the consumer.
  • Save 30% of time with monthly report creation and distribution
  • Build customized dashboards to share insights efficiently with your teams.
  • Integrate Social Intelligence directly into your social media management (e.g., Hootsuite, Symplur, Facelift) and business intelligence tools for better workflows and data democratization.

Don’t guess. Track changes in consumer behavior.
  • Identify emerging consumer trends with curated market-leading industry datasets based on 5 years of historical data.
  • Identify the modern ways in which your consumers engage with your products vis-à-vis those of your competitors.
  • Give your teams the ability to drive immediate business impact through easy-to-use dashboards.

Fast-track innovation.
  • Minimize the cost and your precious time it takes to validate innovation strategies by bringing consumer insights earlier into your development process.
  • Beat the competition by jumping on emerging consumer trends and insights across the globe with our proprietary methodology to track and analyze mentions

Get up and running in a couple of day’s TAT.
  • We build and maintain our Market Intelligence data sets so you can easily access insights and translate them into actionable intelligence.
  • Quickly benchmark, measure, and compare KPIs that matter most using our proprietary Social Content datasets.
Get specific business value
Capture unseen opportunities via customer-centricity.
  • Easily analyze customer data from the sources that matter to you, combined in one place to identify friction, feeling, and risk, and optimize your processes.
  • Quickly uncover essential customer themes using our machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.
  • Turn feedback of your brand or product into rapid marketing, product, and ecommerce innovation.
Know what your customers think, say, and do.
Minimize the time from insight to impact.



Identify the trends with long-term impact.

Identify what’s trending, and why.
  • Use sophisticated data segmentation to enable you to quickly understand the underlying topics that are driving a trend’s performance. With insights on how your audience is engaging with a trend, and how you can join the conversation.

Find emerging opportunities for products.
  • Analyze consumer conversations to identify opportunities within your sector. Develop products based on current consumer insights, to ensure your products exceed expectations and sales targets. Drive faster data-led innovation by discovering real-time trends and actionable insights, from millions of relevant online consumer conversations. Develop products that will meet the needs of users today and in the future.
Global coverage
Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Automated, customizable reporting and data exports with sentiment analysis, topic assignment, and cross-channel voice of customer insights.
Advanced response templates
  • Easy-to-use, customizable templates for your team to follow brand guidelines when responding to reviews and customer questions.

Brand Reputation


With cross-network social media monitoring for your brand, you can take a proactive approach to online reputation management. Real-time social media listening can pin-point a problem before it escalates to a crisis damaging the brand’s reputation, monitor consumer sentiment and identify key trends, helping you to manage risk and address negative virality.


How do we implement a social listening strategy


Our team of expert analysts are experienced on a variety of data sets & tools for collecting, analyzing, organizing and visualizing data, and will provide you access to important insights in a quick TAT.

Data extraction

We form the right queries in English that will retrieve relevant information about your industry, brand, products, as well as marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, news, blogs, or any other source in the web.

Data cleaning

We identify, correct, and eliminate irrelevancies from collected data (data cleaning), but also enhance, refine, and improve it (data enrichment) to ensure that your data is free from all biases.

Quantitative analysis

We measure your performance and benchmark it against the competition with Sentiment Analysis, Tonality, Word Clouds, Heat Maps, Share of Voice, and various other metrics.

Qualitative analysis

We obtain key insights, trends and understand the sentiment of your audience, what they care about, their perception about your brand, and turn this information into actionable opportunities.


We create reports that show the numbers that matter towards your objectives with qualitative measurements, but also dig deeper with a qualitative analysis as to the reason behind those numbers as they appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Combining sophisticated technology and human experts, you will be able to listen to online conversations about your customers, competitors, and industry in general. Our social media listening platform allow our clients to sort through a various metrics, from sentiment and location to demographic information. We then provide you with desired reporting, analytics and strategic, data-driven insights on improving engagement.
Social listening helps your business on taking strategic decisions for your digital presence and brand management. We analyze millions of social data points and then provide daily reports on key metrics to support communications planning. The end results? The big data assures that any new marketing strategies would resonate with their audience. We interpret the customer voice in such a way as to provide effective actionable insight and real-time updates so that you can maintain an dynamic approach to communications and initiate remedial action when necessary.
Social media listening tools are platforms that help us to track conversations of interest. These tools don’t just capture data across new sites, social media, review sites, and more but provides various cuts of analysis to have a birds-eye view on the subject.
Our Social Media Listening Services use a variety of tools from image analysis to reputation management executed by human experts and technology. The exact tool depends on your precise objective w.r.t the listening service. We can track latest trends and build reports around your marketing efforts, relevant influencers, target audiences, competitors, and industries.
WAFI can report on a number of metrics related to trends, influencers, hashtags, sentiment, share of voice, best practices, online mentions and more.