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Accomplish Your Goals With Help Of Highly Targeted Advertising Campaigns


Not only you can connect to your ideal audience , but your business can also reach almost any potential customer with the help of social media advertising. Even after being intensely competitive, paid social is an essential place to be.

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Paid Social Advertising


Your business can reach almost any potential customer through social media advertising, that's why paid social is an intensely competitive, yet essential place to be.

You can segment your audience to microscopic level and promote your products or services to your target audience, people who want to hear from you with the tool called Social Media advertising.

Using layered audiences, tracking pixels and standout creative, take a strategic approach. Impression can help you reach optimal conversion and return on your investment by combining algorithmic targeting and human creativity and data-driven optimisation.

With the market dominated by a few platforms from the tech giants, social media is increasingly pay-to-play. However, benefits are provided by advertisements on more niche or emerging platforms, depending on your objective.

Even if you don't find any required network in the list below, you can't be certain that we can't help. Contact us to find out what can we do for you.

Channels of Paid Social Advertising


Paid social advertising platforms we work with include:


Instagram Advertising

Facebook Advertising

  • It can help you to connect with over 2 billion active monthly users with highly targeted advertising solutions. With Facebook Ad campaigns designed for every stage of the sales funnel, convert awareness into action.

Twitter Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

  • It is the world's largest professional network which helps you to connect with members in a context that blurs leisure and work. Learn how to target decision makers with unparalleled business-related targeting with a network suitable for B2B and certain B2C objectives.

WhatsApp Advertising

  • Are you ready for instant messaging revolution? Get in touch now to be the first to benefit from Facebook's Ads new WhatsApp advertising placements or just watch this space as this platform starts to evolve.

Pinterest Advertising

  • YouTube offers unique ways to harness video ads to generate awareness, conversion or consideration and has over 1 billion users across the globe. Get your business noticed where everyone is watching.

TikTok Advertising
  • This platform is huge with a lot of younger audiences. Even though it has some limitations but you have the creative vision and budget, we'd very much like to help your business break into tiktok advertising.

Snapchat Advertising

When run alone, paid social ads are effective and when combined with other digital marketing channels, they work even better.


We'll identify cross-platform opportunities wherever we can ,whether you choose to work with us for just one channel or for all of your digital marketing. It will provide incremental gains, if you create multiple touchpoints. Why not navigate customers down the sales funnel - you may choose Facebook for building an audience, and then converting that audience with campaigns on Google Ads. Why not use LinkedIn Ads to increase sales of your newest product to people who have engaged with your latest Digital PR campaign?


Who Gets Advantage of Social Media Advertising?


For businesses looking to reach targeted audiences online, social media offers a fantastic opportunity. Social media networks enable advertisers to target ads at very specific groups, locations and people through the amount of data they hold about the users.

Social media advertising has the potential to help any kind of business because of this very reason. Different major audience segments are appealed by different social networks and your business can tap into world of opportunities by creating a social savvy social advertising strategy.

How we can help you capitalise on the opportunities of paid social ads? Let's find out!


There are so many opportunities for your business to reach its audience through paid social, from prosepcting, to audience expansion and remarketing. Contact us to discuss your existing social media campaigns and how we can improve them, or to find out what the scope of opportunity could be for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

The metrics your company uses to find opportunities and to measure success should be based on your business goals. Common metrics which are used to measure social media marketing performance are impressions, engagement, mentions, social referral traffic and followers.
You see growth through highly targeted boosts or ads when your social media properties are managed properly. Your new followers should be the members of your target audience, so questionable tactics should be avoided for gaining followers.
Several businesses have failed to curate content specifically catering to each platform. At the very least, optimization of the description of posts for each platform can be done even while cross-posting on two medias like Facebook and Instagram.
For building a community of prospects and increasing brand awareness, social media is great. It can be a major medium for driving revenue as well as facilitator of many conversations. You can make your audience feel like a part of your brand.
Social media costs you a lot of time. Creating your assets, participating in community engagement and writing description copy are the true costs associated with social media marketing if you hire an agency to manage your channels for you or if you pay for professionally designed assets. Cost varies very much by vendor and if you want to go too cheap, you will get what you pay for.
Many moving parts are involved in an effective social media marketing. You should keep track of all of your assets and there are other options available for that, too. You can take advantage of social management tools like Loomly or Sprut Social which allow you to automate future posts.