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Improve Your CRO Campaigns and Enhance a/b Testing Success with Our UX Testing Service

User testing is a potent tool for every CRO campaign. You can run more informed a/b testing on your live web environment by learning how third-party users and testers perceive your new design or user journey. Including UX testing in your CRO campaign approach can eliminate the guesswork involved in developing a testing hypothesis.

Our Effective User Testing Service


To help you achieve you’re a/b testing and conversion rate goals, our expert team utilises different types of usability testing.Our rich list of user testing services includes:


Preference Tests

First Click Tests

  • Want to know what a test participant would click on first on the interface in order to complete their intended task? This will provide you with an accurate indication. First-click testing helps you examine what the testers would click on first after viewing a new design. This is an effective way to solve issues of user flow through your website and sales funnels.

Flash Testing

  • Flash testing is designed to make new designs and pages easier to absorb when scanning a page. It is helpful for determining how users are responding to your messaging and value proposition. In most cases, users will scan and read a page within a few seconds and decide whether to read more or leave. This test ensures our design and hypothesis get past scanners.

Design Surveys

  • We offer design surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative data about a user’s experience and interaction with a digital product or website by asking a series of questions about the new design. With our UX testing service, our expertise will help you understand what’s in a user’s mind by developing logical question flows.

Our Comprehensive Approach to UX testing


Wafi Media is a leading provider of the best UX testing service, allowing you to pre-test any messaging changes and new designs with a group of user testers who fit your demographic or persona profile.Our experienced team of user testers with no product, company, or brand bias makes it a truly fair test for you and helps you to settle any in-house discussion on a new design using reliable data.

We ensure that you access the right groups of testers. We help you gather the insights you need for your business and understand your target audience. Through follow-up a/b tests, our expert testers will assist you in getting the most value out of the data.

How Our Usability Testing Service can Benefit Your Business


With our user testing service for your CRO campaigns, you can greatly enhance the results of a/b tests. We optimise your website with a/b testing to ensure that there are no glitches related to its performance or speed. We also offer multivariate testing that confirms your website's excellence in UI and UX design. Wafi Media is committed to delivering a flawless website to you for your best business experience.


User Testing Technology


Usability Hub is our main technology partner for user testing, which is a market leader in user testing. It has a wide range of testing features and a large network of testers to tap into.


Frequently Asked Questions

User testing is a design process where you can evaluate your website, app, product, or service by having real users perform specific tasks under realistic conditions.
We generally recommend five user testers to uncover user experience issues in a product. It is most effective for performing a series of small tests at multiple points that help you identify issues early, which makes it easier to fix them.
In a user testing panel, the test participants are real people in their natural environment. They are common people who have been screened to ensure what people generally think as they complete tests on the User Testing Platform.
User testing can be for all types of businesses that care about their customers' experiences, including marketers, designers, e-commerce managers, product managers, and UX research teams.
A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a website to determine which one is performing better.
Short answer, no. We’re not just a one-size fits all agency. We had some incredible success in SaaS, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services as well business technology solution companies like Ecommerce retailers that need assistance with their digital strategy! In each industry we have expertise which means you can rest assured knowing your company will be taken care of from start to finish by our team members who are experts at what they do because no matter how complex or simple an organization’s SEO needs may seem – there is always someone out here ready willing & able.However, our SEO process and knowledge is applicable to any industry.