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Creative-First Programmatic Agency Partner

Can you remember the last time when any advertisement really caught your attention? Most of the digital advertising is either irrelevant, unmemorable or intrusive because of which they get lost in the noise.

With our programmatic offering, your brand's proposition and your audience desires can be translated into scroll-stopping creative that cuts through, captivates and stays infront of mind.

When it comes to automatic online ads, you'll unlock access to the industry's leading minds by partnering with a programmatic advertising agency like Wafi Media.

Creative comes first


Whether it's audio, video or visual, creative is the single most campaign attribute. It'll be a constant and defining factor in your campaign's success or failure as we adapt to changes in targeting capabilities.

75% of an ad's impact is determined by creative quality according to Ipsos. That's why for delivering exceptional experiences purposefully created for multi-channel coverage, Wafi Media continually invests in its creative capabilities.

Creative needs context

A deep understanding of your long-term objectives, preposition and target audience has to be developed by your programmatic partner for delivering results.

That's why a winning creative always goes beyond artwork and audio. We work with you to define and deliever a programmatic strategy that combines granular audience insights with tailored creative messaging.

Our use of highly specific data triggers to reach your target audience where and when it matters, it is what sets us miles apart from other programmatic display agencies.

What is programmatic advertising?


Instead of traditional methods of digital advertising often involving a manual set-up process, programmatic advertising uses technology to automate the buying of advertising space.

Programmatic media buying serves ads to the right user, at the right place, at the right time with the use of data and algorithms. Your brand can reach known and new audiences in moments through programmatic media buying.

This can be achieved through ad placements across channels such as display, audio, connected TV, YouTube, connected TV (CTV), programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) and more.

The extensive reach and scalability of these ad types allow you to accelerate your brand's awareness as you become visible to more audiences in different places.

Remarketing efforts complement your brand-led activity to re-engage your audiences who have shown an interest in your product or service, encouraging warm prospects to revisit your website and convert.

You can re-attract your most valuable potential customers using programmatic's granular audience targeting, tailoring your strategy to target the opportunities that will deliever the most effective results.

From generating initial brand awareness through to securing conversions on behalf of your business, we are experts in every stage of the process as a leading programmatic agency.

How does programmatic advertising work?


An auction process known as real-time bidding (RTB) is involved in programmatic buying. Advertisers bid on the inventory and the winning bid achieves the ad placement. Because you only bid on the inventory that you want to win, it's a highly efficient form of media buying.

3 parties are involved in the auction process: The ad exchanger, the sell-side platform (SSP) and the demand-side platform (DSP). The SSP allows publishers to sell their inventory to advertisers, whereas the DSP enables advertisers to buy this inventory. The auction is facilitated by ad exchage by housing the bidding process.

For example, imagine that someone has landed on a news website. The SSP will start an auction on the webpage for all advertisers who are interested in showing an ad to the consumer at that very moment, which can be predetermined by a number of targeting factors. The highest bidder will be chosen to show their ad to the user. It will take about 100 ms to complete this process.

This process is very complex and of its own right - and making your campaigns perform at their best is even more so. This is the reason that even some of the largest brands are partnering with programmatic advertising agencies like us.

Our approach to programmatic display


We can reach your audience at scale with a powerful technology stack that covers video, display and audio across multiple advertising networks and a diverse range of ad formats as a specialist programmatic display agency.

Stringent brand safety measures are applied by us to safeguard your brand by preventing your ads from being shown in places where you don't want them to be seen.

You will be having access to the complete range of Wafi Media’s expertise from planning and strategy to programmatic and creative execution. To ensure that your programmatic strategy aligns with your wider channel mix, we also work with a holistic cross-channel view.

You'll have access to the demand side platform (DSP) for the sake of transparency and additional reporting will be available to give insights on performance. We never add a margin to any technology fees and these are visible to you on the platform.




  • First and third party data will be gathered and transformed into meaningful insight to understand your audience's needs and where to reach them.





Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a bunch of monthly SEO services, which in order to meet your specific needs, can be custom tailored.
You can experience peace of mind knowing your website is being taken care of by experts. You will have a satisfaction after seeing your business grow month after month.
They are everywhere from podcasts to social media platforms, newspapers to magzines, and even on banner websites. A majority of advertisements that you see are delivered programmatically.
With help of an automated system known as demand side platform (DSP), buying and selling of ad space in programmatic advertising occur in real time. DSP permits brands to specify their target audiences using certain parameters like demographics, device type, behaviours and interests.
Know your target audience, build an omnichannel market strategy, set clear campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor your results closely.
Finding the right platform is the bulk of the work for programmatic advertising. Then we come in, one of the top programmatic advertising choices for growing brands with which you can run programmatic ads on hundreds of premium ad networks.