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PPC Management


Major search engines, social media and e-commerce platforms and other relevant websites that your target audience visits are covered by our PPC advertising campaigns. It takes knowledge and smart decision making abilities to optimize your investment for providing you best exposure possible on these platforms.

Conversion rates of our clients are greatly boosted by our time-tested abilities. Great returns are provided to them on investment for their PPC campaigns. Vast understanding of ad strategies and budget planning is required for successful PPC management.


Growing together


Our highly experienced PPC team us constantly producing and executing profitable paid market strategies, including Google Shopping, paid social and paid search campaigns. We will build well functioning campaigns using data-driven insights alongside creativity and technology for making a real difference to your bottom line.

PPC Services


We take methodical approach to deliver the best possible return on your investment by offering PPC services across several paid search, social, video, and channels. Contact us to discuss your requirements or take a look at selection of our services below.


Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

Programmatic Display

  • Expand your reach to targeted consumers by using the Google Marketing Platform's premium Display & Video 360 real-time bidding suite. Get access to unparalleled network of ad inventory.


Display Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

  • For businesses seeking to explore the opportunities of Microsoft's constantly growing search engine - also the ads engine behind Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and more.

Paid Social

  • Businesses can reach to highly targeted individuals with highly personalised advertisements with social media's omnipresent reach in order to persuade them to take action.

PPC Audits & Consultancy

  • You can find out how well the performance of your campaign is, and where the opportunities to optimise for improvement and growth lie in a one off project.

Google Shopping
  • For ability to drive high conversion rates and more profitable Google Shopping CPAs even in the most competitive sectors, our team of experts has been widely recognized.

Feed Optimisation

  • We can improve your visibility and conversions across Shopping channels by optimizing your feed, it will be easier that way for Google and others to use more of your information.

Google Ads Scripts

  • To make sure that limitations of the Google Ads platform doesn't hold our customers' account back, we love creating custom scripts for clients. For building custom solutions to real-time business challenges and your real-time data availability, Google Ads Scripts can be used.

Microsoft Select Partner and Google Premier Partner Agency


For the management of PPC services, Impression is proud to be a Microsoft Select Partner and Google Premier Partner. The 'Select' and 'Premier' are part of our accreditation, which means we are well recognized for providing value to our clients as well as exceptional services.

We have achieved this status by exceeding performance requirements by delivering campaign results and great revenue growth, taking benefit of latest channels and tools available across Shopping, Display, Search and Video, and controlling a high level of media spend across our managed accounts.

The access to the beta features available and latest insights are given by these relationships. We pride ourselves on our partnership with the advertising networks and our ability to be at the forefront of digital marketing, to give our clients edge against competitors. We are also proud owners of all available Google Ads specialisms at the highest level, which means we are highly experienced across Shopping, Search, Video, Display and Mobile.

Crucially, these relationships give us access to the latest insights and beta features available. We pride ourselves on our ability to be at the forefront of digital marketing, and our partnership with the advertising networks gives our clients the edge against competitors.

We’re also the proud owners of all available Google Ads specialisms at the highest level, meaning we’re experienced across Search, Shopping, Display, Mobile and Video.

A scientific approach to PPC campaigns


we master a scientific approach to PPC management using principles of user testing, mathematics and intelligent data analysis to inform our decisions and get the best return on your investment.

The boundaries set by advertising platforms never satisfy us. We will build ourselves a new script to work around if we ever face an unsolvable issue with a particular campaign.

Our primary focus will always be the return on your investment whilst account management, reporting and performance analysis takes every aspect of campaign into account. We take time to understand your business thoroughly so there is no one-solution-to-every-problem policy. We want "effective" not the "easy" way out.


We’re relentless in the search for best-in-class pay per click:

Every member of our team dedicates time every month for innovation. We uphold ourselves to very high standards and make sure that our "best" is always improving by regularly peering audit work within teams. Our experts dive down to get a deeper understanding if a metric does not look as expected.


Paid search (PPC) as a channel:

Our team of specialists across shopping, search, display, social and our in-house analytics capabilities act as one unit to ensure plus broader market insights and great data quality.


Your Partner in Monetary Success:

We'll already know what good looks like, long before partnering together. We will have an agreed measurement plan in place to report from and we'll exactly know what reports are required to make each campaign a success. We'll be reporting regularly, work in agile sprints and will be flexible if plans need modification.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you're not! Getting a free PPC review is very easy and you are under no obligation at all to use us to fix anything we might find in the account. 100% free PPC reviews are done manually by our team.
We can begin by what is currently in your Google Ads account which will be 100% free, what we discover during this audit will determine our next steps and help us build a roadmap of issues you have at hand.
Realistic approach is to take a look a client's goals and the amount of time it will take to reorganize the account and manage it day to day. We charge separate fee for the setup and average out hourly costs per month for entire engagement.
Many companies will try to tie you in very long one sided contracts where you are asked to sign up for 6 to 12 months after initial pitch. You often have to pay for a early release from the contract but we aren't like other PPC agencies, we just have a rolling 30 day agreement.
The ways every PPC company charges for it's service is different. Some may charge a percentage of your monthly spend while others may work on a fixed monthly retainer regardless of the results. Various other agencies use hybrid models with a retainer.
It's your account that companies work on ideally where they have access to it to only work on it but some agencies open and build the search engine account in their name, or transfer your existing campaigns into their new account which should not be the case.