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Leading SEO Consultancy That Drives Organic Traffic to Your Business

To manage the fast-paced nature of organic search, a strong SEO strategy is required to meet challenges and leverage growth opportunities. Wafi Media offers the team of experts and experienced SEO consultants which uses tried and tested tactic approaches to capture and convert organic traffic to your website.

How Our SEO consultancy Drive Organic Traffic for Your business


Investing in SEO is a long-term strategy that should be focused on year-round; otherwise, your website will fall behind the competition in search engine results. Our SEO consultants offer effective strategies to drive traffic to your website and bring real value to your business, which helps you achieve your business goals. Wafi Media Marketing ensures your investment produces meaningful and sustainable results for your website.

Our expert and experienced team of SEO consultants strategizes a unique path to organic success for your business by using cutting-edge technologies and strategies. That makes us the leader in our field and well placed to ensure that you stay a leader in your place as well.

Our SEO consultancy services


Including technical SEO, link and content acquisition, we consult on all the aspects of SEO and work with a range of clients across business sectors and sizes. Most of our clients are based in London but we also work businesses across the UK and internationally.

SEO consultancy is provided by us on a retainer basis or a project and services typically include:


Content and Keyword Recommendations

SEO Auditing

  • Your existing SEO strategy will be audited by us and implementation, highlighting the areas that work well, and offering recommendations on how to improve on lesser performing regions, and where new opportunities for growth lie.

Technical Strategy

How our SEO consultants can help you?

Daily on each moment, our multi-award winning search marketers are fully immersed in SEO.


Our knowledge spans insatiable appetite for innovation combined with years of best practice that made us a leader in our field and well placed to ensure you stay a leader in yours too.

To audit your site, we invest in the best industry tools. Actionable insights are gathered by us that make a real difference to your bottom line. Clear communication and collaboration is at the heart of the company culture because your success is our success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Factors of Search Engine Optimisation are unknown to public at large. Factors like wrong placement, plagiarism and use of crazy fonts can obstruct the growth of a page rank to an extent. Throughout the internet, the crawlers of the search engine crawl and return zeroes and ones based on the factor.
The best way to promote your business is Search Engine Optimization. On promoting your business online , you may spend hundreds of dollars online and make profits accordingly but with SEO, you will be getting traffic just by making your site beautiful.
To make SEO successful, there are couple of softwares that one needs to learn. Softwares like Google Analytics and Keyword analyzer are important part of the process. The quality of your work is reflected by these tools.
SEO can be categories broadly as - On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. To boost the rankings of the site, everything you do on the page itself is known as On-page optimization.
Off-page SEO is the other part of the search engine optimization. To increase the traffic of the webpages, everything you do outside of the website is known as Off-page SEO. Tricks like backlinking and sharing your link as much as possible are included in Off-page SEO.
It is a part of inbound marketing but the tool is not limited to only inbound marketing. It is also a part of Search Engine Optimization and is used very much for both On-page and Off-page SEO. You can drive traffic towards your page and maintain the freshness of the search results with just the right keywords.