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Scale Your Business Globally With Our International SEO Services

If your business sells products and services globally and your website is targeting customers around the globe, the online visibility of your business in those countries and regions is crucial to your business success. With Wafi Media Marketing Solutions, your business can benefit from experienced international SEO services that include a wide variety of techniques to improve your visibility in international search results. Our international strategies are all tailored to your specific commercial goals.

Your International SEO Strategy


Setting up a world-class international SEO strategy that meets the needs of your business is a crucial element of our international SEO service. We are best known for creating targeted and well-defined international SEO strategies for our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and build a strategy that will enable us to meet them.

We simplify your digital marketing globally with our strong international SEO strategy that includes:


Domain Restructuring on a Website

On-Page Optimisation of International Pages

  • We provide recommendations for what type of keyword you should be targeting and using in the Meta data, what type of content you should be writing, and what format works best for your audience.

International Technical SEO

Search Engine Considerations

Competitor and Industry Review

International Link Building


Let Wafi Media Marketing to Take You Globally


To drive revenue for your business internationally, we put together a combination of creative content, graphics, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO techniques to provide you with a masterpiece of an SEO campaign that increases your international visibility and raises your website rankings on search engines. With data-driven tactics, we develop strong international SEO strategies that achieve your goals and objectives.


Our Approach To International SEO


Wafi Media Marketing Solutions is a team of experienced technical, content, and link acquisition specialists; together, we enable businesses to form important connections with their global customers. We understand what works well in the foreign language market and the international English-speaking market.

Our international SEO team is well-versed in domain launches, organisational restructures that affect market priorities, market entry, and the challenges associated with attempting to rank highly across multiple markets. We collaborate with a variety of native SEOs, content specialists, and translation partners to manage the relationship for our clients. Our international SEO optimises your website for the greatest user experience to suit the needs of your international audience in a holistic way that greatly caters to their needs across numerous platforms.


SEO for Multiple Languages


For your website to rank well in international searches and provide a good experience for international visitors, it must use the language of your target country. We ensure the ease of communication between you and your audience with an effective strategy that includes the right actions and resources with calculated time and scope. By speaking the language your audience understands, identifying their behaviours, and confidently taking over the authority to solve their problems, we ensure good experiences for your international visitors.


EMEA (Europe, The Middle East and Africa) SEO

APAC (Asia- Pacific) SEO

  • The APAC region includes important markets like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia as well as developing markets in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and more. With our international SEO services, you can offer your products and services in any APAC region. We support your in-house team to achieve international SEO success. From your technical SEO considerations to keyword targeting, market, and competitor analysis, we provide you with a sophisticated international SEO strategy designed to increase your visibility in your selected APAC markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

International SEO is the process of optimising a website or blog so that search engines can identify which countries you wish to reach or which languages you should use to promote your business.
With the implementation of an exceptional International SEO strategy tailored to your business’s objectives and goals, you can increase search engine traffic, boost revenue, and increase brand awareness.
Hreflang tags are pieces of code that identify a website's language and geographic targeting.
Search engines are programmed to tailor results to the user's language and geographic location. With the help of international SEO, you can tell Google and other search engines that your website caters to visitors in a certain country or to those who are looking for your products and services in a specific language.
Scale is the biggest difference between international and local SEO. International SEO targets audiences across diverse geographic regions, while local SEO focuses on keywords and targets audiences within a narrow geographic area.
If you want to expand your business globally, international SEO helps you increase the exposure of your products and services in the worldwide market. It optimises your content for different countries and languages. International SEO leads to a boost in your brand recognition and improves your global user experience.
Multilingual SEO is an important process for optimising your web pages for different languages. Optimization of country-based SEO is key to growing your brand's awareness in a specific part of the world.
Customer reviews on your website, the responsiveness of your website on mobile, and link building are some of the major factors that affect your International SEO.