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Latest PPC Trends to Boost Lead Generation in 2023

wafimediaJan 23, 2023 Wafian

In an increasingly competitive world, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand your business. As we begin 2023, what worked for your PPC campaign last year is generally not going to generate the same results this year.


With regards to technology, voice search, visual search, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are predicted to have the biggest impact on your PPC marketing campaign in 2023. To help you keep up with the recent trends, here are some of the latest PPC trends that should be considered as you build out your 2023 search marketing strategy.



Voice Search


Voice searches are one of the retail trends that will have a significant impact on 2023.With the increase in smart devices, it has gained a lot of traction recently. Nowadays, people prefer to use personal assistant speakers to search for their required products and services. In paid marketing, voice searches allow your business to start formulating strategies for targeting a wider audience.


Video Advertisements


According to Cisco research, 82% of online traffic is accounted for by videos. 84% of consumers in today’s market have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video. Video ads are one of the best ways to accelerate leads. Pay per click services help your business manage ad spending. Video ads are an excellent choice for mobile users because they reach a larger audience, increase trust and credibility, and boost conversion rates.


PPC Automation


PPC automation has become a powerful way to raise campaign performance. To make the most of PPC automation, you must help the algorithms work for you and assist the machine with their learning. Identify your target audience and proper keywords, create accurate conversion tracking systems that work effectively, and write quality ad copy to keep up with PPC advertising in 2023.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is expected to have a significant global impact by 2023. By incorporating AI into your PPC campaign, you can predict future ad CTRs, analyse a customer’s likelihood of converting, and determine the bids that will generate the most traffic to your website.


Smart Bidding


Smart bidding is going to become more powerful, and the techniques utilising it are set to become more prevalent as 2023 approaches. Smart Bidding is controlled by an automated bidding system, which is a machine learning system. It optimises conversions and conversion values in auctions using machine learning. Target return on advertising spends (ROAS), target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and target cost-per-click (CPC) are a few examples that allow marketers to concentrate on the area of strategy and analytics.


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are expected to become more popular because they give customers the chance to try out the desired products before purchasing them. Including VR and AR in your online store is such an innovative way to provide the best shopping experience to customers, which generates a great call to action that you can add in your PPC advertising.


Visual Search


The most popular search engines, like Google and Bing, offer their users the option of searching for their query using pictures instead of text. As an example, a user can upload an existing image or take a photo by clicking on Google Lens, and the search engine will search out websites that have the same image. This will be the quickest way for customers to find links to required products. By creating an image library for your products, you can generate leads faster. To ensure that search engines will label your photos correctly, be sure to add metadata to your PPC campaign.


Mobile-friendly Options


The use of mobile devices has increased over the years; more than 70% of paid search impressions come from mobile devices. While making plans for your PPC marketing campaigns, keep in mind that your PPC ads should be customised for mobile platforms.




As we enter 2023, keeping up with the latest trends in your PPC campaign will help your brand stand out from the crowd. With a strong PPC campaign you can boost traffic on your website, increase leads, analyse Ad performance in real time, and increase brand recognition. There are a few trends like the use of voice search, visual search, virtual reality, PPC automation, and artificial intelligence that are expected to be the biggest this year, but creating a solid PPC marketing campaign still heavily relies on fundamentals like keywords and understanding your target audience. Keeping track of the outcomes of your PPC campaigns allows you to continue to improve your PPC campaign.